Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KY's Newest Product - "Intense" (?)

KY Brand has been helping couples "get it on" since 1917. Obviously, they take YOUR sex seriously - even if you aren't.
And now they've got a whole new product out there designed to help women get all "hot and bothered" in that oh so hormonal way. (And we ain't talking PMS.) The product? KY Intense Arousal Gel For Her.

When asked to try this product, I thought, "Eh why not?"
Directions are included with the product. But basically? You or your partner, massage a small amount of the clear gel into a certain, ahem, area during foreplay. The product, which smells to me like peppermint, is supposed to make that area feel warm at first and increase sensation, resulting from a more intense and pleasurable sexual experience.

According to the company's testing, 90 percent of couples experienced increased sensitivity. While I did experience a warming effect, it was mild - not as strong as I thought it would be. Although it did leave the area slightly more sensitive, it wasn't enough to really affect the sex.

We ended up trying the product a few times but basically, my overall experience was a bit underwhelming. I mean, it did increase sensitivity but not to a distinguishable point.
The average retail price is $24.99 for the .34 oz pump which gives you about 20 uses per package. And fear not, if you love your lube, the product can still be used with other KY products.