Friday, August 22, 2008

Greenlight Greenworks!

Within the past few years there's been a growing focus on energy and waste conservation. Personally? Its uplifting to see that people AND corporations are thinking more about the earth. And they're doing so daily, not just every April 22.

Clorox recently debuted a line of natural cleaners, that according to their website, are "made using plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, as well as essential oils. The products are formulated using biodegradable ingredients, are packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not tested on animals."

Thanks to MomCentral, I was recently sent a sample of the Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid. (Although they also manufacture an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.)

The site claims the dishwashing liquid will cut through greasy messes as well as cooked/baked-on foods. Plus, the dishwashing liquid is available in five scents: Original, Water Lily, Simply Clear, Lemon and Tangerine. (I was sent the Original scent.)

I do like the clean, fresh scent of the Original. For some reason I was expecting a watery consistency, but it feels like other dishwashing liquids. As for cleaning power? Being that I don't do much cooking or baking (the stove and oven don't get much use at our house. But our microwave sure does! Frozen, store-bought lasagna, anyone?), I'm rarely standing over the sink, scrubbing pots. But nonethess, I have gotten to test out this product on a few saucy, greasy messes.

The verdict? I likey! It did cut through the gross. My dishes were squeaky clean with little effort. In fact, I like it better than the other brands I've been using (cough, Ivory, cough, Dawn). I also really like that, according to Clorox's website, "the product line has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for using environmentally preferable chemistry, and carry the EPA’s “Design for Environment” certification logo."

Green Works™ Products The Green Works products range in price from $2.99 to $3.59:

To view their site (which includes tips for "going green", an ingredient list, as well as the science behind this new line of Clorox products.) click HERE.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Josh-approved underwear

Josh, Seth's best friend, is very sweet kid. As we've gotten to know Josh (and his awesome mom, Kathy) over the years, we've learned that Josh's family refers to him as "Hugh" (Hefner) because the child spends more time in his jammies and underwear than his regular clothes.

The boy will strip down as soon as he gets home from school or a playdate. Even when he and Seth get together for playdates, they often change into jammies within the first 20 minutes of getting together.

But recently, Josh's mom was going crazy. Josh is very particular about his jammies and his underwear. (How the clothing fits, the feel of the fabric and whether there are any itchy tags rubbing against his skin.) It was getting to a point where he hated wearing underwear and his mom was buying all sorts of types and brands to accommodate him. (The boy was going commando alot. And being that school is starting soon, she was getting a bit nervous.) So when we got the Hanes package of boxers, boxer briefs and socks, I gave her a pack of the Hanes Classics Tartan Boys Boxers with the Comfort Soft Waistband and said, "Let me know how they work."

According to his mom, Josh is liking the Hanes boxers. The fabric is soft. And while Josh's biggest complaint with the other brands was an ill-fitting waistband, (either too tight or too loose) and not enough room in the thigh area, he didn't experience that problem with the Hanes boxers. In fact, his mom says he fit could easily move around in them. In other words, Josh-tested and Josh-approved. Hanes delivers on their "Comfort Fit Promise". And that's no small-feat.

The deal worked out perfectly because Seth got the Hanes Tagless Boys' Knit Boxers with Comfort Soft Waistband and is quite happy with the fit, colors, and feel of the fabric. Oh and neither type of underwear gaps -- no matter how much they move around.

As for the socks? Well, we've tried those once or twice. With summer in St. Louis, getting Seth to wear socks is alot like trying to give a cat a bath. We're saving those for when the temperature gets a bit cooler.

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