Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sun and fun -- Beaches style

Want a summer vacation that'll be a blast for everyone in the family? Look no further than THIS WEBSITE!

When I started checking out the WonderFALL website, I seriously started drooling! What an amazing adventure for a family! Escape the rigors of daily life and enjoy some family time in The Turks or Jamaica! (I know! I am using too many exclamation points! But its because this sort of vacation looks so awesome!)

The hubby and I had originally looked into this sort of vacation (at a Beaches Resort, no less) just a mere 6 weeks ago. But then we were slapped upside the head with a heaping dose of reality when we looked out the kitchen window at our rotting retaining wall. Oh and then we also remembered how the hubby really needs a different vehicle and the porch needs to be replaced. It will be an expensive summer, but not because we threw financial caution to the wind and went on a luxurious month-long tropical retreat. (Sigh)

But we are definitely making plans for next year. (At least for a week's stay somewhere!) And Beaches Resorts, with their many locations, is a website that's been "favorited".
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roll with it, baby!

I remember the first time I saw a Fruit Roll-Up. I was in fourth grade and in the middle of a bustling cafeteria. A classmate, a few seats down, whipped out the new treat, tore off a chunk and began to nonchalantly chew. I was awed and envious. Throughout my childhood, my mom believed sugar was the enemy. So no Fruit Roll-Ups (or any thing like that) for my siblings and me!

Eventually, I got to try one at a friend's house. I could totally understand the appeal. To this day, Fruit Roll-Ups are still a popular lunchtime treat in schools and at playdates. Now my son's one of those kids happily chomping along with the rest of the bunch.

So when Parent Bloggers Network mentioned a new campaign for a little somethin' called My Fruit Roll-Ups, I was all, "YEEHAW"! The gist? Now you can customize your Fruit Roll-Ups!

The most difficult part of the process? The decision making! Do you want a two-part design or three? What size font? (There are several sizes.) What color font? (There are three colors.) What kind of font? (There are four choices.) What kind of picture would you like? (There are clip-art like pictures for many a holiday or special occasion. There are even a few characters and lots of animals too!)

The website is very responsive so if you want to adjust or change a detail on your work-in-progress, you can quickly do so. There's even a place where you can save your designs to tinker with later on. And ordering is quick and easy.

The animated characters on the website are lively and cute. The accompanying sound effects are fun too. My son got a big kick out of creating his own design. The only thing he had trouble with was the touchpad on MY computer. If an almost 6-year-old can navigate through the design process, that says alot for ease of use, yes?

The product is great for graduations, birthdays and weddings. And since we've got so many bloggers adding to their families, I couldn't help but think... Wouldn't this be a fun treat for kids to design and give out to announce their new status as big brother or sister?

The timing for the campaign couldn't have been more perfect. I ordered them on May 27 and was told they'd get in sometime next week. But we got them June 3 -- just in time for Seth's birthday party with extended family. Plus, he's got enough left to pass out as a birthday treat in summer school.

A box of 30 customized treats costs $29.99 (plus tax, where applicable). Shipping charges and times vary.

Enter to win a FREE box of My Fruit Roll Ups! Leave a comment on this post or the most recent one on Midwestern Mommy. Let us know what you'd design! A winner will be picked at random by Friday morning.

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