Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sun and fun -- Beaches style

Want a summer vacation that'll be a blast for everyone in the family? Look no further than THIS WEBSITE!

When I started checking out the WonderFALL website, I seriously started drooling! What an amazing adventure for a family! Escape the rigors of daily life and enjoy some family time in The Turks or Jamaica! (I know! I am using too many exclamation points! But its because this sort of vacation looks so awesome!)

The hubby and I had originally looked into this sort of vacation (at a Beaches Resort, no less) just a mere 6 weeks ago. But then we were slapped upside the head with a heaping dose of reality when we looked out the kitchen window at our rotting retaining wall. Oh and then we also remembered how the hubby really needs a different vehicle and the porch needs to be replaced. It will be an expensive summer, but not because we threw financial caution to the wind and went on a luxurious month-long tropical retreat. (Sigh)

But we are definitely making plans for next year. (At least for a week's stay somewhere!) And Beaches Resorts, with their many locations, is a website that's been "favorited".
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