Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Like most people, I LOATHE cleaning the bathrooms. Our shower will seriously grow black and orange stuff all over it before I clean it.

Its not the cleaning, per say, but the fumes from so many products. Buy product, get nasty headache free!

So when MomCentral offered a chance to try Scrubbing Bubbles' latest product, I was curious.

But ya know? This is a pretty cool product. This made scrubbing nasty gunk off of tiles and the shower door easy. And that dried hairspray film that gets in the sink and all over the floor? That can be quickly whisked away too! And no fumes! YEAY.

Alot of products leave the skin on your hands feeling very tight and dry afterwards. But since there's a nice little gripper at the top, your skin's not really coming into contact with the chemicals, so this isn't an issue. It is easy to "assemble" - the pad sticks on the gripper and viola! Add water and "get your clean on".

But... I had problems with the pads sticking to the gripper. Granted I've only tried two so far, so this might not be an issue for others. Also, this little device can't fit in between little crevices like the space been the wall and faucet. Or tiny spots between the back of the toilet and wall. But no doubt at some point, they'll invent a product for that too!

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