Friday, July 4, 2008

Berry delightful

"Let's go strawberry picking," was all mom had to say. To my siblings and I, these were sweet, exciting words. We'd quickly change into junky clothes (the kind its ok to stain). We'd beg to leave right then and there. We were like Pavlov's dogs.

We'd drive to the strawberry patch... Row and rows of tantalizing juicy strawberries. We'd chatter away as we picked. Then we'd get home, take off the stems and clean them. Certain bags were frozen so we could enjoy a bit of summer-y sweetness in the cold of winter. Some were put in a big bowl and kept in the fridge for snacking. And others were used for mouth-watering homemade jam.

These strawberry picking times were some of my fondest childhood memories. So its no surprise that any time strawberries are in a store (no matter how expensive) I buy some. Its one of the few fruits my son will eat and one of the few that we'll consume before the food grows moldy.

Why am I sharing this memory? Because NOW is the perfect time of year for strawberries! That's why MomCentral has asked a bunch of bloggers to announce the California Strawberry Commission's blog tour. If you want to know more about the commission, click HERE. (But don't blame ME if you short out your computer from all of the drooling!)

Oh and lest I forget, if you go to THIS SITE, you can find some cool facts about strawberries and even some cool games. (And no, a competition as to who can shove the most strawberries in their mouths isn't one of the ideas included. But if you ARE going to go that route? Don't forget the whip cream!)
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