Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Action and Veggie Adventure All In One Site!

At the farm, on the road or in the kitchen! The makers of Hidden Valley Salad dressing are on a quest -- they want kids to not just eat their veggies but learn to LOVE to eat their veggies.

They've created a website, Love Your Veggies and have included a lighthearted games section. (Personally, my favorite game to play has been to use the garden hose to spray off any unwanted critters who are trying to eat my crop! There's something so rewarding in making a little hungry bug scurry away! Seth's favorite game is driving the tractor to get the veggies in time.)

The site is great way to remind kids that eating veggies is an important part of staying healthy. (Plus, it serves as a reminder to us parents that a great way to get kids to eat veggies is by adding a bit of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.) The games are geared toward younger kids but really any one of any age can play... The games are quick and easy to play. And any one of any age will enjoy the fun sound effects and graphics! Give it a try today.

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