Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crest Advanced Seal Whitening Strips Deliver

I remember when Crest Whitening Strips came out. At the time I was using bleaching trays and at one point, got a chemical burn on my gums from the stuff I was using. (NOT fun. My gums turned purple.) So when the strips came out, I was very, very happy.

I typically buy one or two boxes of the Premium strips a year. I like my teeth white. And over the years, have gotten alot of compliments on my teeth. I'd like to keep that going. The early whitening strips were ones you left on your teeth for 30 minutes, twice a day. They slipped around alot. (Even when talking.) You couldn't drink anything while they were in your mouth and you'd end up tasting the whitening gunk they use. But over time, Crest has introduced some newer products to the line, like "Advanced Seal" that are greatly improved.

Advanced Seal offers a form fit, no slip, and clean removal. This is a good thing. I like that the strips are on one sheet. They stick to teeth very well. Once applied, they won't slip. If you've ever sneezed with a whitening strip in your mouth, you know how important and appreciated this aspect is. Plus, when you take them off, most of the whitening gunk comes off your teeth as well. Not all of the gunk comes off of your teeth but most of it.

Overall, the strips do deliver on their promise. And you do begin to see results within a few applications. Plus, unlike some whitening systems, it is safe for enamel AND its an affordable way to whiten teeth.

The strips can be found at many a store where personal products are sold.