Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Superbowl Prize Pack

You gotta love Super Bowl parties. Lots of friends, food, and football. Pepsi and Frito Lay have joined forces to create a Super Bowl Party Pack jammed with tons of cool stuff. The kit, valued at about $250.00 contains:

• 1 football
• 1 beverage pail
• 1 snack helmet
• 2 key chains
• 2 hats
• 2 t-shirts
• 5 Pepsi 24 pack coupons
• 5 Frito Lay coupons

You can give away the t-shirts, hats, or key chains as attendance prizes or keep for yourself. (Personally, I'd be using a keychain and hat to bribe my son to help clean the house before hand.)

I'm giving one pack away. All you have to do is leave a comment here or at http://www.midwesternmommy.com/ between now and noon on Saturday, Jan. 17th. You must be 18 to enter and live in the United States. Winner will be drawn randomly (I write your names on a sheet of paper, deposit into a bowl and my son draws the name.) and notified by January 19th.

Ok. Now that I'm thinking of Frito Lay, I'm thinking potato chips and would some yummy, salty chips taste SO awesome right now? Mmmmm. Oh and a Pepsi. A real Pepsi. A combo of Cola-y sweetness and salt. Mmmmm....
Good luck!


Linda said...

This is a fantastic prize pack and I would love to win it. Salty snacks are my downfall but some Chips & Salsa with an Iced Tea would be great right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

silverhartgirl said...

Wow the superbowl is on hubbys birthday this would make a great present

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed...the munchies are my favorite part of the Super Bowl!!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up. Jpdetmer@frontier.att.net

Yvonne said...

The necklace is awesome! The Super Bowl Party Pack would make a nice surprise for my hubby! Hope I win it!

divrchk said...

What a great package!

Norma said...

Pick me! Pick me! I'm working Super Bowl Sunday but can share the goodies with my co-workers.

carogonza said...

This is a great prize package!!! THanks for the chance to win it.

Christine said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity for this wonderful Pepsi/Superbowl prize pack.
With 2 teenage boys (and their friends) my house is full of testosterone!! This would make for a wonderful superbowl party and goodies for each of the guests when they leave! (Like door prizes!) :)

Nahgiel said...

Superbowl - a reason to party! ME! ME! ME!


shopannies said...

wow what a great party we could have with our friends this year

Paula said...

Frito chips....one of the staples of my life. Hope I win! Enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks.

Tuesday Girl said...

I will be unpacking on super bowl sunday and some yummy snacks will be just what I need!

Sydney said...

We have hosted our church youth group's Super Bowl party since our son was 15....he's now 22. It's a fun annual event and these prizes would be an amazing addition! Thanks for entering me! ~Sydney

Clair said...

Ooo, ooh, great giveaway! Pick me pick me!! HHAAHAH! Have a great day! Clair

silverhartgirl said...

Hubbys birthday is on the super bowl this could make it a super happy birthday

M said...

Oh So many relatives would enjoy this prize. From children and husband to inlaws and family.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You know how much I love football.

And also, what? No beer?

Linlee said...

Sign me up!

Michelle said...

Bring on the SUPERBOWL...
I don't know much about the sport, but I love the get-to-gether!

Shelly said...

Mmmm, snacks

Danielle said...

What a great prize. Who doesn't love a superbowl get together.

ya ya's mom said...

oh what a great giveaway!!! i hope your son picks my name!!!

ProjectHope7 said...

thanks for a great giveaway. We are having a superbowl grill off after church on superbowl sunday... to give some of the ladies another reason to enjoy the game, we will also have a superbowl dessert bakeoff. Having this great party pack would really jazz the party up! please enter me .. thanks...
cathy b
project hope 7 at g mail dot com

The Downs Gang said...

I would love to win this for a friend who is a die hard fotball friend!! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What an amazing necklace and giveaway. My hubby would think I really went all out if got this. it would be out little secret ;).

Elsie said...

The great Super Bowl giveaway certainly would be...
A super fun prize, fit to a T,
We have many people that we invite,
A house small but cozy, really just right,
We have a TV, and lots of good cheer,
We need the refreshments,
like Pepsi, oh dear!
We'll cheer for our teams,
It'll be a great time,
If wishes come true,
We'll win this prize too!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jackie P. said...

What a great prize...my son would be so happy if I won.Thanks for having a giveaway!

Bloggy Finds said...

Super Bowl is a pretty big deal at our house each year shared with about 14 guests. This is a great prize package. Thanks for the opportunity to enter
bloggyfinds at gmail dot com

judybrittle said...

This is a super awesome prize pack and whoever wins will be so lucky! Thank you so very much!

Christina_the_wench said...


Tamara B. said...

I would love to win this for my children. We have a big party just the four of us on Super Bowl Game Day. The children decorate and set up the table with everyone's favorite snacks,foods,drinks with pride. It is such a great family day together. Thank-you.

socialwork4kids said...

Yeah! My family hosts a big party every year and I would love to be able to contribute some snacks and goodies!! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this and have it to take to the super bowl party this year!!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this. We passed on the party at our local watering hole this year in favor of a more kid friendly party and this would be great.

Kathy from G-Town

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