Monday, January 19, 2009

Move over chips, Mama's got a new bag (of snacks!)

Kellogg's Special K line has two very, very tasty new snack products out. And just in time for those who might be tempted to toss that New Year's resolution to eat healthy or lose weight.

I was recently sent some Special K Italian Herb crackers as well as the Special K Multi-Grain crackers. I gotta tell you. Oh. My. Gawd. I LOVE these crackers.

The Multi-Grain crackers were packaged in single servings. One bag of the slightly sweet, yet salty and buttery tasting crackers contains 90 calories. My son even liked these. In fact, the crackers were is snack of choice. So he took these to school three times. And one day, when he wanted to take his lunch, I was out of bread. These crackers were a great substitute. Add a cheese stick, grapes, a milk and a cookie? You've got a nutritious lunch that takes a minute to throw together.

He wasn't as thrilled with the Italian Herb crackers but that was entirely ok by me. The taste of these crackers remind me of tomato soup. Only you get a satisfying crunch too. The flavor is zesty but not overpowering.

And actually? I had a really difficult time trying to eat only one serving. I wanted to keep eating, and eating, and eating. (And well, I did just keep eating, and eating and eating.) But hey, they too are loaded with eight grams of whole grains a serving. So its healthier and? You'll stay full longer.

My ob/gyn recently told me that in order to offset the first trimester nausea, its helpful to eat something at night before bed. I don't want to gain 60+ pounds like I did my last pregnancy, so these are the products I've been snacking on at night.

Sadly, I just finished off both boxes late last week. But both products are on this week's grocery list. Move over potato chips. Mama's got a new bag! (Of crunchy snacks.)

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