Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get fresh and stay fresh

I hate it when I have to throw out a half a container of grapes or box of cereal. Why? Because if we didn't eat it, that means I just overpaid for that item. And I hate to waste money, energy or food. (I come from generations of German stock who believed efficiency was next to cleanliness and godliness.)

I guess the Ziplock people felt the same way. Not only do they now have a "freshness shield" built into some of their products but they've also created a new feature on their website, called "Shelf-Life 101".

This newest feature gives you an idea of how long certain foods stay fresh as well as tips on how to keep your food as fresh as possible. How cool is that! (Especially with rising grocery costs and dwindling disposable income.) Check out this neat little page here and look in the lefthand column.