Friday, February 27, 2009

Teeccino is Tee-rific

Recently, I came across an product that really caught my interest -- a coffee that's not really a coffee. Its sort of a coffee but it is herbal and doesn't contain the caffeine nor the acidity of regular coffee. The herbal coffee drink is called Teeccino.

I was intrigued by the product because I've recently cut caffeine from my diet. (When I'd drink it in the morning, I felt like a zombie in the afternoon and early evening.) But my big problem is I like to drink something in the morning, whether its green tea, coffee, or soda. Enter Teeccino.

The first flavor I made was Mediterranean Almond Amaretto. From the packets I've tried, each coffee smells very fresh and robust as you open the packet. (If you read my reviews often you know one of the first things I notice is scents. And whether something smells good or bad.) And the coffee smells amazing when brewed. Seriously. I was happy to just sit and smell the coffee. When I tasted the herbal coffee I was really surprised. It DOES taste like coffee. My other favorite is the Mediterranean Mocha. And my mother-in-law (who LOVES coffee) is eagerly awaiting the Maya Caffee I just sent her.

If you tend to drink your coffee without cream or sweetners, then you will want to drink Teeccino the same way. But I found that I didn't need nearly as much cream or sugar as what I use when I typically drink coffee. I think this is a good thing. Less calories in my cup! And? You can brew it and serve it like you would any other coffee. Want an expresso? Go for it! Want to try it with your french press? Can do. You can even make iced coffee drinks.

For coffee lovers who have problems with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, fibrocystic breasts, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance Syndrome, a product like this is a Godsend. Also, people who enjoy a cup of coffee at night with dinner or after will still be able to sleep later on.

Click HERE to find a store that sells Teeccino near you. And give it a try yourself!

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