Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snugglefests and "Seth Sandwiches"

Some people show love with gifts. Others "love" with food. Our family? We show our love with lots of "family snuggles" and a little something called a "Seth sandwich with a little Abbeydog on the side."

The hubby and I have always been pretty affectionate with each other. So when our Abbeydog came into the picture, we'd often spend weekend mornings "loving on Abbeydog." This meant letting her lay in bed with us, preferably (for her) between Marc and me for maximum attention.

When Seth came along, he stole the spot between hubs and me. But by this point, Abbey preferred the foot of the bed anyway. So the weekend family snuggle-fests have continued.

The other maneuver started when Seth was an itty bitty baby. Marc would often hug me while I had Seth in my arms. We called this a "Seth sandwich". Often Abbey would let out a "what about me" bark, walk up to us and nose in between our legs. The "Seth sandwich" was amended to "A Seth sandwich with a little Abbeydog on the side."

How does your family show your love? Parent Bloggers Network wants to know. They've teamed up with Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education. The foundation is hosting a Selfless Love contest. PBN wants to hear about how you and your family show your love toward each other. You have until tonight Sunday, February 8 to post and include links to: as well as Go to their site and read a few of the entries. You may find some great ideas or get a giggle. Don't forget to email to let them know you've participated.

This post was written on behalf of Parent Bloggers Network.


MommyWizdom said...

Hey, you just described our family, only with a few name changes... Lol.

Great post. I played too.

Have a great week.


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