Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What do Wii think of Littlest Pet Shop?

Littlest Pet Shop seems to be all the rage these days. Although my son hasn't gone crazy over the toys like alot of other kids, he has expressed an interest. So when Parent Bloggers Network was asking for people to review this game, made my Electronic Arts, I figured, he'd be very interested.

I mean, the Littlest Pet Shop is a game where you can take care of and dress your pet. (And no housetraining!) YOU get to choose and there are so many options. He LOVES creating different Mii’s and naming them on the Wii. He and his friends love to see who can make the ugliest Mii and change the features of each other’s Mii. This would be right up his alley, yes?

At first he was very excited. The characters and sound effects are cute, the game's colors are vivid. Seth really got a kick out of naming his pets and choosing accessories at first. We were having lots of fun with the game until a navigational issue frustrated the boy. The boy does not do well with frustration and quickly gave up. I couldn't figure out how the screen worked either. So at that point, he lost interest and wanted to play his old favorite, boxing.

But unlike boxing, a game that gets my child all riled up, this is one of those games where you can sit down with your child, talk and play. And with 32 pets to collect and name as well as feed and dressed? There’s lots to do. I can completely understand its appeal.

I'm sorry to say that my little guy didn't get as much out of the game as I'd hoped. But I'm thinking this is an excellent game to pull out the next time he has a playdate who IS into Littlest Pet Shop. (Sometimes another kid's enthusiasm rubs off on the boy.) And if you've got a youngster in your life who's wild about these little creatures and has a Wii? This would be a good bet. The game retails for about $39.79 on Amazon.

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