Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obagi Skin care

You know what was really stupid on my part? Spending much of my teen years and 20's in the sun and/or tanning booths -- all for the pursuit of a golden tan.

I'm paying for that now... So recently, I decided to get a few photofacial treatments. I showed up excited by the vision of clear, beautiful, even-colored skin that would be mine! All mine! Imagine my dismay when I was told I couldn't start my session -- the antibiotic I'd been taking would make my skin super sensitive which could result in blisters and scaring. Oy.

But that's ok. Because for the next few weeks, I've got a new little something in my skincare arsenal -- Obagi's Condition and Enhance line, And while I'm just starting the product now, I can't tell you exactly what I think just yet except that I like how the products have the step numbers on it. And so far, my favorite product is the creamy sunscreen.
But you'll have to check back in a few weeks. I may even have "before" and "after" photos.