Friday, November 7, 2008

Going green... Works!

“Going green” is now mainstream. This is a great thing, yes? But some people are reluctant to reduce, reuse and recycle because they think this will mean more work for them. And really, who needs MORE work to do?
But going green can be easy. Here’s a few suggestions:
*Buy recycled goods and recyclable goods.

*When you're at the store why don't you pick up some of those energy-saving light bulbs? And if you need some cleaning supplies? Go for more natural cleaners. (Here's where I mention Green Works™ cleaners. Because they are at least 99% natural.)

*And while you’re loading up the cart, think about whether the packaging be used for something else. (Turn a big box into a “robot torso” for your kids. Or props in a play. Or use boxes to pack away holiday decorations.) And when that box is no longer useful, recycle.
*If you’re not using it, why not donate? Lots of charities take donations. And many of these organizations will come to your house and pick up your stuff! Groups like Freecycle and Recycler's Exchange can help rid yourself of no longer used objects. If you're in a Craigslist city, make use of the "free stuff" section. You can give away old baby clothes, that mini-fridge you brought with you to college 15 years ago, or those strange potholders someone gave you for a wedding present.
These a just a few options. But the makers of Clorox and creators behind Greenworks natural cleaners have a quite a few more ideas up their sleeves. That's why they've launched 30 Days to Natural. The premise is that small changes can add up to big rewards for your family and the planet. And they can show you how. You can also read the diaries of three women going green and sign up to get helpful tips and tricks. So go check it out!

This post was written on behalf of MomCentral.