Saturday, May 24, 2008

Make Dinner "Fresh and Simple"

You know how it goes -- the evening rush to get home and feed the fam. Well, apparently the people at Ragu are all too familiar with the drill too! Recently, they've come out with a new take on an old favorite. Enter Ragu Fresh and Simple.
Ragu Fresh and Simple is sauce in a pouch that can be heated in 90 seconds then poured over pasta for a quick meal.

Recently MomCentral asked me if I'd give the sauce a try. We love our pasta in these here parts. And we buy ALOT of Ragu. So I was game. The package was small -- about three servings per pouch. So when the hubby was out of town last night, I figured this would be the PERFECT time to try it out. (Like alot of the women with hubbies who frequently travel, I typically don't do much cooking when the hub's out of town.) I boiled some multigrain pasta then poured the All Natural Garden Veggie pasta sauce.

It was... yummy. The flavor has a little bit of a zing to it but overall is pretty mild. And since the sauce came from a pouch, there was no extra pot to clean up. (Any harried mom who's trying to get her dishes done at 10:30 at night will tell you that's a good thing.)

The boy loved the sauce. He's not a big fan of the multigrain pasta, but because of the sauce, he didn't seem to notice the healthier swap. And speaking of healthy --there's a full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce. (If your kiddos loathe veggies like mine? You appreciate stuff like that!)

I've got another package of Ragu Fresh and Simple. But I'm saving it for the next time hubby goes out of town. No doubt "the boy" will enjoy the Tomato Basil sauce as much as he did the Garden Veggie.

Oh and did you know? Ragu has created a recipe booklet with bunches of yummy meal planning suggestions and time-saving tips. The FREE booklet (found at includes recipes/tips from Food Network’s Robin Miller, celebrity fitness trainer Kathy Kaehler, and MomCentral's Stacy DeBroff. (I've met Stacy. And if she's involved, its gotta be good!) So take a few minutes to peruse!
This product review was written for MomCentral.

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