Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Buy someone a clue - aka "Raised by Wolves"

I grew up in a very small farming community. As the eldest in a working class family, I was the first of my generation to go to college. At 22, I moved to St. Louis and began working for an engineering/architectural firm. I was living on my own, for the first time, in a city I barely knew. I was working mostly with well-educated men who held high positions and lived affluent lifestyles.

So what does this useless information about me have to do with Christie Mellor, the author of Raised by Wolves: Clues to the Mysteries of Modern Living? Well, as a clueless 20-something who felt completely out of her element, I would have welcomed this book with open arms. Even 13 years later, (and with far more life experience) I STILL welcomed this book with open arms.

Mellor is here to tell you (or anyone you feel needs a clue) how to still save money on a modest income, how to make an "E-Z Bad Boy Bar" and how to be the perfect house guest.

But there's also more than how-to's. There's tips galore! Want to find a bazillion uses for baking soda? Or how about another great use for the safety pin? Or a sure-fire cure to the common hangover? Christie's got the 411.

Overall, I liked the chatty, friendly tone of the book. The writer's style is breezy and humorous. She infuses energy and wit into what could be a very stuffy and staid subject. I just want to invite her to a dinner party at my house, make her "the perfect martini" (yes she covers both areas Raised by Wolves) and tell her that I now make the bed each day because of Chapter One.
Oh and have you seen the illustrations? So darling and fun!

Overall, this book is a great read for the twenty-something set. Even people beyond their 20's will pick up a few hints. I plan on giving my copy to a certain college graduate. (I won't say who!) And I also plan to make Mellor's previous book, The Three-Martini Playdate my next read.

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