Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Space case -- Why we love The Zula Patrol

Anyone who reads this blog knows off my son's unyielding obsession with space-related subjects. He knows how many moons Saturn has, what the planet Mercury is made of and isn't shy about expressing his opinion on how Pluto should really be considered a planet instead of a star.

So its a no brainer that he'd be interested in The Zula Patrol's new dvd, "Explore Space!" (We had great luck with the last dvd.)

After a particularly rambunctious playdate, Seth and I sat down to watch the dvd which includes episodes: The Probe Who Came to Dinner, Forget-Me-Naut, Moons Mayhem, and Three Ringed Gorga. Frankly this dvd could be the worst in the history of children's programming but I'd still happily watch it because I'm just that sick of hearing about/watching Star Wars.

But Zula Patrol's newest endeavor was a big hit with Seth. (And the writers didn't even need to incorporate light sabers chopping off arms or space ships blowing up!) The characters are fun and quirky. The story lines are outrageous yet entertaining. And I love the way the writers breakdown various science concepts into information that can be understood by youngesters in kindergarten to second grade.

One of my favorite aspects of the dvd was the conversations different episodes sparked. When "Dark Truder" tries to steal all of the moons of our solar system, we talked about what kind of moon Seth would be. (In that episode we learn about how moons within the solar system vary in size, shape, color and temperature.) In another episode (Forget-Me-Naut) we talked about gravity and tried to figure out how astronaunts eat (and poop) in a state of weightlessness.

Oh and if you or the kids in your life get a chance to watch this dvd don't forget the special features (aka the music video and space adventure game)!

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