Sunday, March 2, 2008

In the Motherhood Starts Second Season

I rarely watch tv. That's because a situational comedy that's fresh and funny -- not tired and trite -- is a tough find these days. What many sitcom writers don't realize is that great ideas are just a click away. With so many moms living out loud, there's always a plethora of funny antics and shenanigans in the mom-o-sphere.

But last year some wise person DID start looking to the mom-o-sphere. Their plan, "In the Motherhood" is simple. We supply the stories. Professional screenwriters develop the characters and story lines. The final product? Some pretty funny (and highly-entertaining) webisodes.

The site has a featured topic like "child's worst meltdown" or "funniest mother-in-law childcare advice." Moms write their stories in paragraph form. The on-line mom community votes and nominates the best entries. And viola! Your story could be brought to life! But at least this time, that horrifying/humiliating/unbelievable moment isn't happening to YOU again.

The hilarious Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler are back. This year Jenny McCarthy joins the cast as Handler's "perfect" sister.

Based on this little clippity-clip, this second season's shaping up to be just as hysterical as the first.

The first season of In the Motherhood was a big hit. The creators did a fabulous job of creating characters that are REAL. Remini, Handler, and McCarthy's characters are feisty, fun, witty, sometimes snarky, and smart. These are the kind of women I hang out with. Most women will seem themselves or their friends and relatives in the characters portrayed -- be it the sister, mother-in-law or the mom in the grocery you try to avoid.