Saturday, March 8, 2008

BreakfastBreaks -- a friend to families on the go

"Mom! We got a package," my son says excitedly. "Open it up!"

I open quickly because I know that odds are, the treasure found inside? Is for him. That's usually the case.

Yesterday's box was no exception. Behold, BreakfastBreaks!

"Ooohhhh cool," says my rambunctious kiddo as he grabs the box from my hands.

Before I can even start in on a "chill out and mind your manners" lecture, he's opened the box and is happily inserting a straw into the fruit drink. His fingers move fast. Next, he's peeling back the top of the Cherrios lid. A second later, he is asking for milk. (I wish his teacher could see his fine motor skills at this moment!)

"So buddy, what'cha think?"

"Awesome," he says, scooping Cherrios into his mouth, sans milk.


Each package of BreakfastBreaks contains a Fruit & Grain cereal bar, a juice box, a small container of dry cereal, a spoon and a moist wipe. (Dry cereal, juice box and cereal bar flavors vary with each pack.)

While these food staples are often found in pantries across America, BreakfastBreaks packages them in a thin box with a convenient yet sturdy handle that's the perfect size for little hands. If a family doesn't have time for a sit-down breakfast, this is a great alternative. The items can be eaten on the way to whatever destination. (Unless you feel like your child HAS to have milk with their cereal. In that case, think twice before eating in the car. Combining kids, milk, vehicles and road conditions are typically not such a great idea. Milk can spill and take it from me, that stuff makes your car smell NASTY! Especially in the warmer months.)

Course, the box easily fits into a backpack and could be used for a child's lunch. (Just don't forget the milk money.) You could also take these with you on road trips or plane trips. Plus? They are great for hungry hooligans who are in need of an after-school snack. (Which was our case yesterday.)

Oh and if you've got a small child who can eat finger foods? This is a great little something to put in the diaper bag while you're out running errands or shopping with the wee one.

Clean-up is a snap, since every container/bowl can be thrown away.

In short? BreakfastBreaks was a big hit - at least in our bustling household.

This review was written on behalf of Mom Central.

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