Monday, June 1, 2009

Tap Into Money-Saving Solutions With PUR

Sometimes our tap water tastes sort of gross. I drink ALOT of water. Water flushes out the system but what's the point, if your water isn't so clean?

The costs of bottled water can add up. I was eyeing a PUR Water Filtration product but hadn't gotten around to doing any research. But then a few weeks ago, I was offered one and asked to review. This? Made. My. Day. Of course I said, "Sure."

I started doing the research.

Did you know that PUR Water Filtration not only saves you money but also eliminates up to 3,200 plastic water containers annually? It can also help you save up to $600 a year.

And back to the part about drinking CLEAN tap water. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 20% of Americans’ lead exposure? Is from drinking is tap water. But if you've got a PUR filter, no worries. They can reduce many contaminants, including lead, microbial cysts and 99% of pharmaceuticals. (Oh yeah, did you know that there can be traces of pharmaceuticals found in tap water. Yes! Now you know why you should never flush meds down the toilet!)

The pitcher was easy to put together. And the water did taste a bit cleaner. Usually if I put a glass of unfinished water in the fridge to keep it cold, it starts to taste "stale" after a few hours. Wasn't the case with the PUR pitcher/filtration system.

And if you're a tea drinker, you also know how odd tasting water can affect the taste of your tea, lemonade or Kool-Aid. This product can filter that tap water so you can enjoy these beverages.

The PUR pitcher also came with some small bottles of a concentrated flavor so you could add a subtle taste to your water. While this is a great idea, I have had a difficult time getting the flavoring to work. It fits on the underside of the lid. A push of a button is supposed to release a tiny amount into your water. But so far, I haven't gotten it to work. But honestly? I don't do alot of flavoring anyway.

I've seen the cost of the pitcher at anywhere from $15 to $20. So the price is great and we'd gotten alot of use out of ours.