Thursday, December 11, 2008

Positive Spin

There’s a little girl fairy by the name of Eve
She loves to eat candy and play make-believe
Her wings are multicolored. Her smile is bright
Her heart is big, filled with love and light.

I'll spare you any further rhyming on my part. But suffice to say that I recently reviewed three children's books published by Positive Spin Press. All Hallows Eve, Winter's Eve and Christmas Eve all feature a sweet little fairy by the name of Eve who lives in a fairy glen ("as most fairies do"). The books were written by Lisa Sferlazza Johnson and illustrated by Lisa's husband Tucker Johnson. The Johnson's are also the founders of Positive Spin Press.

Now, for a spot of info about each book:

*Hallow's Eve - The little fairy, who loves candy is sad that she can magically make any on her own. Her friend Jack comes up with a solution. They set about the glen, visiting houses, collecting treats on Eve's behalf. When presented with the candy, Eve is thrilled and remembers the toys she's made and gives each fair a shiny new toy.

* Winter's Eve - Eve's little glen appears to be a very diverse community! Eve's friend's observe various winter holidays within their cultures. As her friends travel they send Eve messages, letting her know where they are and a bit about how they are celebrating.

*Christmas Eve - Santa needs some help and asks Eve for some assistance. But Eve is worried. Her talents lie in magically creating small toys. Santa comforts her by letting her know that it is not the size or grandness of the gift but of the spirit intended. He mentions the birth of Jesus and the inspiration behind the Wright Brothers.

The main character Eve is endearing. I think alot of children can identify with her innocence, and
vulnerability. I do like her generous spirit. My son liked Eve because she reminds him of Chloe and Natalie, two little neighbor girls he's good friends with.

The story lines are cute and creative. But there are times where the rhymes felt a bit awkward. (Although the idea to tell the tale in a rhyming style is an interesting one.)

Overall, my little guy enjoyed the stories. His favorite (and mine as well) has been the Halloween story. Although I did like how Winter's Eve ended up giving us the opportunity to discuss the idea of diversity and how important it is to respect other people and their cultures.

If you're looking for more information about the author and the books, visit this site.

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