Friday, December 5, 2008

"True North" wants to hear your story

The gymnasium of my high school was packed that day in May of 1991. There was a sea of purple gowns with matching hats and gold tassels. Proud parents and grandparents sat on bleachers fanning themselves. The back doors were open to let in air, yet revealed a promising sunny day.

At the podium, our superintendent gave a speech. I still tear up when I think of it today. He said we needed to be true to ourselves. We needed to find our "true north". It really resonated with me and its been that little piece of advice that I've always kept in my heart.

For some people, following their "true north" can result in an amazing journey that can inspire others or leave the world a much brighter place. It doesn't have to be the story of one person, it can involve a number of people.

Have you found your "true north"? Do you have an interesting story to share? True North wants to hear! Visit this site. Tell your story in less than 300 words. And if chosen, your story could be made into a 60 second video to be shared on Oscar night (February 22). Here are the legal terms and the questions most commonly asked.

Good luck!

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