Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A carpet cleaning product that hits the spot!

The people who owned our house previously would probably freak out a bit if they saw the house today. Sure we've made some positive changes to the house. But the boy and the dog haven't been so kind to the existing flooring.

Let's just say this... Little boys + hardwood floors in bathrooms = BAD. (Especially in that "bad aim, pee all over the floor resulting in wood around the toilet getting darker" way. And old lady dog (who's developed a sensitive stomach in the last three years) + cream colored carpet = REALLY BAD.

We have a few old stains on certain areas of carpet in our front rooms, due to Abbey realizing too late that she shouldn't have eaten the grass/dead critter combo meal. I've tried several products on these pesky stains but nothing has worked.

I was more than intrigued. I was hoping this would be the answer to my prayers... Would Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover stand up to this HUGE challenge or would it falter due to performance anxiety? Let's do a play-by-play.

Living Room: It cleaned up the shadow of an old stain (about 2 yrs old) after two passes. Other products had failed this test completely. I had given up hope of ever getting out this stain.

Dining Room: It cleaned up a few stains the first time around with little effort on my part. These were done within the past six months.

Head of stairs: There was some mystery stain here for a year other cleaners couldn't even soften. Spot Shot took it out easily on the first try. I was floored (pun intended)!

Guest bedroom: About a year ago, Seth spilled children's grape cough syrup all over the floor. The Spot Shot lessened the stain after two passes.

Boy's Room: There is some mystery blue stain on the carpet in Seth's room. Nothing could get the stain out before and whatever it is, has proven to be very stubborn. Now at least a shade or two lighter after two passes of Spot Shot. I might just dry it and try, try again.
So there you have it. Overall, Spot Shot emerged victorious -- it left my carpets looking better than they had before. (In other words it picked up the slack other cleaners left behind.) Plus, the product is non toxic, won't hurt the environment and the bottle can be recycled when emptied. Yeay!

This review was written on behalf of MomCentral.