Friday, January 11, 2008

Safeguard the family against colds, flu and viruses

Hi. I'm Lisa. And I'm a big ole' germ-o-phobe.

What can I say? My son and I seem to catch colds and keep them for long periods of time. Also? The husband travels alot and I know that if I'm sick, odds are they hubby is out of town and I'm on my own.

So when asked to review What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home, this germ-o-phobe JUMPED at the chance.

Heidi Murkoff, (the author of What to Expect When You're Expecting) teamed up with Sharon Mazel to write this booklet. And they've done a very thorough job of providing tips and tricks that protect your family from the everyday germs and viruses that throw households into a Kleenex-filled chaos.

For example, according to the booklet, "most people touch 300 surfaces every 30 minutes." And on that note, "did you know that 80 percent of germs are spread by touch"? (And guess what? "... People who wash their hands an average of seven times a day have about four times fewer colds than the average person".)

But there's so much more! For instance, how often should you clean the kids' bath toys? How often should the playroom toys be sanitized? What about the toothbrushes? And changing tables? And don't forget the bedrooms!

Oh and the kitchen! There are quite a few tips on how to keep your family's food safe as well as how to clean kitchen surfaces.

And what about when you and your family are out in public? The What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home also gives you some ideas on how to protect your child from those people who love to bring children (sporting 104 fevers) to the grocery store. Or those parents who slyly drop their sick kids off at daycare or local fitness center. (Ugh. Don't get me started on that!)

The small booklet is a quick read. In a mere 16 pages, you'll be armed with quite a bit of info on how cut down on the stomach viruses, colds, and allergy-related sicknesses in your home.

The booklet, sponsored by The What to Expect Foundation and The Clorox Company, is FREE. Want a copy for yourself? Go to

The What to Expect Foundaton is a non-profit that provides free prenatal health literacy and support to low-income families. It has helped more than 200,000 women nationwide.

Through Clorox' Company's foundation, cash grants totaling more than $66.3 million have been given to nonprofit organizations, schools and colleges. For more information on them go to

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