Thursday, January 24, 2008

Party On...

When Tracy and Ben decide to have a party in the park, they continuously disagree on the preparations, activities, and food. What to do? Barney to the rescue!

The big purple dinosaur is celebrating his 20th birthday this year. And his creators have got a whole new video out to mark the event. Check HERE for the details. The new video, Celebrating Around the World, takes children on a whirlwind adventure without ever leaving the house.
From Brazil to Ireland to India, Barney and the children stop to talk a bit with children, who are dressed in traditional garb, about their customs and what they love to do when they celebrate.
There's lots of different dance styles showcased. (This DVD is filled with dance and music. If you've got little dancers in the house, they'll really enjoy this production. Odds are they'll be jumping out of their seats, trying to "bust a move" too.)
Through the course of the show, Tracy and Ben learn how to settle their differences. They decide to celebrate their friendship.
Of course Barney and the two kids meet up with Baby Bop as well as her big brother and cousin along the way. (Yes, if you haven't watched in a few years, you'll see that a young, orange dinosaur has been added to the cast.)
If you've watched a few episodes of Barney, you've seen how the show has a few songs they use quite often. These regular songs are infused into this DVD.
My son is 5 1/2. He's not into Barney anymore. (Well, unless he could pretend Barney was Darth Mol and chop off his leg with light sabers.) But kiddos who are neck-deep into their love affair with Barney will really get a kick out of this newest addition.
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