Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To boldly go (where no yogurt has gone before)

If your kiddos love yogurt like my little guy does, you might want to give Fizzix a try.

Fizzix, made by Yoplait, has a bit of carbonation added to the yogurt, hence the "fizz" in Fizzix. We were sent Blue Raspberry Rage and Strawberry Watermelon Rush. According to the website, the product also comes in Wild Cherry Zing/ Strawberry Lemonade Jolt Triple Berry Fusion/ Fruit Punch Charge.

Seth LOVED the taste and the fizz. He was clamoring for a second halfway through eating his first! Needless to say, the product didn't last long at our house.

I gave some Fizzix to a few of the moms in my hood. Here's what they thought:

"The kids (ages 5 and 2) both really liked the Fizzix," said Jess. "I tried them, and I did not care for the fizz as much as the kids did."

According to Jess, the tube (Yoplaits Go-GURT is packaged the same way) was the biggest downside. "They seemed to be SO much messier (for the two-year-old) than a regular container of yogurt. "

Sarah and her son Jacob weren't big fans. "(He) thought they were ok but would not want to get them again. I tried it and did not like it."

But as a kid, Jacob did appreciate the appeal of the fizz.

"Jacob thought the fizz was cool," said Sarah. "But said there was a funny aftertaste that he didn't like."

Traci's son Luke tried them at our house during a playdate. He was an immediate fan so I sent some product home with him.

"Luke loved it so I would certainly consider buying it. He took one to school in his lunch box every day until they were gone," said Traci.

To take a gander at the nutritional value of the product go here.

Plus, there's even a cool website just for kids. (They'll get a kick out of the burp organ. Trust me.)


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