Thursday, October 25, 2007

Be prepared -- the Sequoia Survival way!

It was a dark and snowy night. I was living in St. Louis and trekking to the home of the parental units who live two miles outside of a tiny southern Illinois town. As I got off of the highway, a mile from their home, I noticed the snow removal trucks hadn’t touched the roads in this area. It had snowed so hard it was impossible to tell the road from the ditches that lined both sides. Visibility was horrid. I ended up getting stuck.

I had to walk a little more than a quarter mile to my parents house. It was slow going – especially in the midst of a blizzard while wearing heels and an Ally McBeal type suit. (Hey, I was 23. Need I say more?)

As I slipped, shivered, and cursed in the darkness, I vowed to keep extra socks, sneakers and a blanket in the trunk during future winter months. Looking back, I know that these three things? Don’t exactly spell “Prepared for Inclement Weather”. But that’s only because I didn’t know about the vehicle survival kit from Sequoia Survival Company.

Thanks to Sequoia Survival Company, you don’t have to think like a boy scout — as the company has come out with a really amazing product that will help you and your loved ones stay warm, dry, fed and even entertained!

The vehicle survival kit I received was stuffed to the brim with all sorts of essentials. Included are ready-to-eat meals, packaged water, first aid products from 3M, thermal emergency blankets, rain ponchos, light sticks, leather work gloves, rope, toilet paper, notebook/pen and even a deck of playing cards. (For a full list of items click found in the vehicle survival kit, click here.)

At first when I thought about the idea of a survival kit I wondered, “how difficult can it be to create your own? Could I do it as well as these guys? And for less money?” When I started looking through the package I realized that this is definitely the way to go for someone like me. I would have just thrown some candy bars and a few bottles of water into a duffel bag and sat it on top of an old comforter. But the founders of this company did their homework and employed the guidelines provided by their local fire department, FEMA and the Red Cross. I wouldn’t have thought to include stuff like cleansing wipes, duct tape or handwarmers. And as for thermal emergency blankets? I had no idea they existed. The carefully chosen products in the kit seem to be of good quality. Plus? Survival packages can be customized to meet your needs.

My parents not only live in a rural area but they also have a little hideaway nestled deep within a wooded area in another county that is far more secluded. (There are no telephone lines, running water, nor electricity. The roads are also extremely narrow and poorly maintained.) Frankly? I worry about them being out at their cabin during nasty winter weather. Methinks a vehicle survival kit maybe exactly what they need this Christmas.

This review was written on behalf of the Parent Bloggers Network. For more reviews on this product and many others, click HERE.


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