Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Protect and respect (your skin)

There’s this supa cool moisturizing lotion out on the market now. And its like none other. Have you heard of Skin MD? If not, listen up.

Skin MD is a shielding lotion. A "shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. It is a big advantage that shielding lotions are light and go on without a greasy mess, " says Dr. Brian Zogg, a dermatologist in Albert Lea, MN. featured on the Skin MD Natural's website.

"The artificial moisturizers in conventional creams and lotions can send a signal to the moisture producing parts of your skin that enough moisture is present. Your skin then makes less of the natural moisture needed to resolve a dry skin problem. With a shielding lotion you protect your own natural oils and moisture in the skin, so it heals faster," says Dr. Zogg

The product is milky white, feels very light, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. And the first time I put this stuff on my hands, I was amazed. My hands felt softer and smoother after just one use. It quickly replaced the bottle of lotion I use every night before bed.

But the product is not just for hands. It’s a great facial moisturizer – especially for those people with oily or normal skin (especially since there's no slimey residue left). And it is not just for hands and faces -- Skin MD can be applied to any skin part.

And if you have eczema or psoriasis? You may want to take note. As this may be an answer to your prayers.

The team at Skin MD Natural was kind enough to give me some extra product so I could "share the wealth." Here's what Carrie, a mom of four said... “We have used this lotion quite a bit. We’ve been to the pool a lot this summer. I found it is great for those light pink sunburns. I even packed it with us when we went on our summer vacation."

And for those people with sensitive skin, like my friend Kathy? Have no fears -- the product is very mild. Kathy said, "There are alot of products out there that I can't use. My skin gets very red, itchy and hot. When I found out about this product, I thought I'd only apply it to a small part of my face. Since I didn't have any problems, I applied it to another area. I ended up putting it all over my face. I was amazed. I didn't have any inflammation or stinging. In fact, my skin felt much, much better.

The 4 ounce bottles are $25. And alittle goes a long way -- as this little bottle can last up to two months. To order this product go here. To find out where Skin MD Natural is sold, click here.

Oh and another thing. Skin MD Natural is not testing on animals. Yeay!

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