Thursday, August 2, 2007

Del Monte's PR company leaves a bad taste in my mouth

You know you need to eat your fruits and veggies right? Well, Del Monte's got a little something to help you snack healthy. And that little something is called Fruit Naturals.

What did I think of this product? I don't know. Del Monte's communications company sent me ONE measly fruit cup. (It looked like someone bought a fruit cup at a convenience store, shoved it in a box, and shipped it to me. The outside of the fruit cup was even sticky.) My son (who loves fruit cups in general) woofed it down before I could spear one chunk of peach.

When the PR company asked me if I got the sample, I told them that I didn't get to try the ONE sample because my son ate it. The person then mentioned that the PR company was out of samples and the campaign was wrapping up. Uh. Ok. This PR company has probably spent quite a bit of money wooing Del Monte. They can't spent another $2-4 in order to garner some positive publicity for their client? That tells me what they think of bloggers. And Del Monte.

So note to Del Monte... You may want to hire another communications company. This one made you look stingy. I doubt that's the image you were going for.