Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfort Select Pillows Are Customized And Comfy

When my hubby and I were dating, I'd often ask my husband, "why'd you pick me?" He'd reply, "Its an off-the-rack kind of world. When you go to the store, no designer has created an outfit specifically for your tastes and size. Some clothes will fit great, others not so much. You just find what you want that's the best fit for you. And then you go with it. Same with romantic relationships - you find the best "fit." And same with pillows -- you find kind that works best for you. Right?

Well, until recently, I assumed that worked with pillows too. But I was wrong.

I'm far more picky about my pillows than my clothing. And I did have a pretty great pillow. But when offered a FREE Comfort Select pillow, I was curious and ok, a little greedy. Wouldn't life be even better with TWO awesome pillows?

Comfort Select pillows are tailored for each person. Once I agreed to write about the pillow, I went through a 20 minute conversation with a very nice Comfort Select pillow specialist who asked me questions about what position I tend to sleep in most often, what kind of pillow firmness I like, allergies, if I sleep warm and if I have neck problems. (There were probably some other questions I can't recall right now.) Based on my answers, Comfort Select was able to create the pillow for me.

It took a few weeks to make. And when I got the pillow, I was very excited. The first night with my pillow had me tossing and turning a bit. But it only took me a night to get used to it. (Usually it takes about 3-4 nights to get used to any change in my sleep environment. And that change can be something like sleeping with a heavier blanket or with the air purifier at a higher or lower setting.

I've been using the pillow ever since. Sometimes I sleep warm. With the old pillow, I'd often wake up sweaty. The new pillow wicks away the moisture, so I don't wake up with a whole side of my face touching damp pillow. (That's kind of a gross way to wake up.)

I've even begun taking my pillow with me on trips. I love my customized pillow. And since there are silver strands in the pillow to combat dust mites and other allergens, I wake up feeling better (aka less nasty headaches) each morning too!

If you are a person with allergies or any sort of neck issues, you'll definitely want to check into this kind of pillow.

The pillow was given to me for free by Comfort Select. In return I wrote a review.