Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PR In Your Pajamas? Here's How...

You've got this fabulous product. And you KNOW the public is going to love it -- if they knew it existed. This is where a little public relations know-how can help you. This is also where the book PR In Your Pajamas can help you.

PR In Your Pajamas, written by Elena Verlee, is a practical guide that can help the many business owners who don't have the big budgets needed to hire a public relations agency. Verlee's book can help those pr novices seeking media attention and help you outline your public relations action plan.

The guide, which is written in a clear, concise way helps explain what grabs the attention of a reporter. The book and also addresses how public relations differs from advertising as well as why great public relations can be more effective. Need to learn how to write press releases and talk to the media? Check out the book. You can also read up on how to identify opportunities and how to develop a rapport with those writing about your product or service.

Verlee knows her stuff. She's been in the biz for ten years now and runs her own international public relations firm.

So you may know how to approach a writer but which media entities are the best fit for your product or service? Which places are looking for a product or service like yours? Verlee has a new endeavor out now called Moms Media list. For more information on that click HERE.

For more information check out her site, PR In Your Pajamas. Her blog can be found HERE.