Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If the shoe fits... With Ryka, it does!

Abbey-dog is my favorite walking/running companion. We’ve logged many a mile together over the years over all sorts of Illinois/Missouri terrain. But I have to admit that I’m not as consistent as Abbeydog would like me to be. There are those times when life gets busy. And then there are those times where you decided to go out for a 5-miler and come home with blisters on your feet — blisters that take about 5 days to heal. And that really cramps poor Abbeydog’s style. (Cause she be workin’ on her fitness, yo!) And its not fun for her two-legged fitness partner either!

So when the Ryka opportunity came up, Abbeydog wasn’t the only one doing happy waggily dances.

What I thought:

The shoes are super cute and super comfy. The design of the shoe (outside) is sporty but girlie. And I loved how snug my feet felt in them. I have a narrow heel and my heels slide around in most tennis/walking/running shoes. But not with these babies! I reveled in the fit. And the arch was just right — no knee or back issues while walking or running. And no blisters either.

But this sort of fit is what Ryka prides itself on. According to their website: “All RYKÄ shoes are made on a woman’s last (the mold or shape of a woman’s foot), and are designed and developed taking into account a women’s unique fit needs - narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot (it’s not just you, our toes need more room and our heels slip too). Outstanding fit and exceptional comfort consistently place RYKÄ shoes among the highest rated in the industry.”

What Abbeydog thought:

Abbeydog didn’t really care about the design. She was just happy her two-legged fitness counterpart was happy and comfortable. Because even she knows that happy+comfy= MORE WALKIES! And she wants ya’ll to know that she lost two of those 10 pounds she put on last year due to all of the extra walkies. So thanks to Ryka, being an Abbeydog is an even better gig than before.

What other moms thought:

Since these shoes were comfy, I also ended up wearing them everywhere — like to my son’s soccer practice, trips to the grocers, and mall. I’ve never gotten more compliments on a shoe — let alone a sneaker. So I told them about the part where Ryka is giving away 50 shoes a day through the month of October. (A direct link can be found here.)

Interested in trying some on? Here’s a store locator.

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