Monday, July 9, 2007

A pharmacist at your beck and call.. (PBN Review)

Hey you! Yeah, you there with the ibuprofen (or aspirin). Did you know that while the drug in your hot little hands may relieve your headache, its also robbing your body of folic acid? (And you know how much you need folic acid!)

The 24-hour Pharmacist, by Suzy Cohen is chocked full tips, tricks and human body know-how. And for those of you who like to steer clear of the pharmaceuticals in favor of a more natural approach? Don't discount Cohen's book just yet -- there's a plethora of pertinent information on vitamins, herbs and supplements.

Cohen wisely starts off The 24-Hour Pharmacist with a chapter in Overcoming Fatigue. (Stupor woman? That would be me.) In that first paragraph she tells us what we all know but don't like to hear -- the caffeinated drinks may give us a lift temporarily but the further exhaust us in the long run. But the last sentence in that paragraph has really stuck with me over the past few weeks. She said, "If you're tired, your body is telling you something -- so let's figure out what its saying."

Cohen spends a great deal of time discussing the types of foods to eat and those to avoid as well as WHY. She talks about "drug muggers" -- drugs that deplete our systems. She also gives us a the skinny on what herbs and supplements can bring our bodies back in sync.

Got a honey that snores? Or what about "surge protection" for hot flashes? And what's going on with your (or your honey's) sex drive? Cohen addresses these issue too. And she does so with a friendly, gentle writing voice and at times, dose of humor.

Although we tried some of the tricks regarding my husband's chainsaw-sounding snoring, we didn't have much luck. One of the herbal medicines worked for a few days. But it was a catalyst -- it made my husband realize that indeed his case is extreme. Since we've exhausted every other anti-snore idea, he's feeling more comfortable with prospect of surgery.

As for me, I didn't have much luck with the fatigue-fighting ideas. In fact, an herb known to support the thyroid gave me migraines. So while the ideas in this book may help the masses, if something isn't working for you? Admit this to yourself. At least you can eliminate a few of the ideas so when you do seek medical help, you and your doctor aren't starting from scratch.

But overall, The 24-Hour Pharmacist is an interesting read. Oh and FYI, Suzy has a blog! And if you leave a comment on the campaign launch post at Parent Bloggers Network? You could win a $50 CVS gift card! Woot!

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